College Applicants: Don’t Panic! Don’t Make These Common Errors

College Applicants: Don’t Panic! Don’t Make These Common Errors Navigating the application process doesn’t have to be daunting—just follow these simple steps to identify and avoid common college application mistakes. Get the tools to ace your applications today!

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College Applicants: Don’t Panic! Don’t Make These Common Errors

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Don’t Panic! Common College Application Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Applying to college can be a daunting and intimidating process. With unfamiliar paperwork, multiple deadlines and a selection of essays to write and submit, it can be easy to make mistakes – and hard to fix them once made. To help ensure you don’t let any simple error stand between you and your college dreams, here are some of the most common college application mistakes and helpful tips for how to avoid them.

Not reading instructions

This is one of the most common mistakes. Make sure you read all available instructions and directions carefully, and don’t overlook any details. Inaccurately or incompletely filling out a form can damage your prospects of admission. Pay close attention and go line by line.

Waiting until the last minute

Make sure you are aware of the deadlines for applications and required materials and start the process as soon as you can. It’s better to have ample time for making corrections and not be in a rush with important tasks.

Not taking the required tests

Most colleges and universities ask for scores from either the SAT or ACT. Know the requirements for the schools you’re applying to and make sure that you take the right tests.

Submitting the wrong material

Make sure not to send the wrong materials – the wrong transcripts or test scores, for example. Also, take care to follow directions on such things as word count and format.

Relying too heavily on spell-check

While spell-check can catch and correct many misspelled words, relying on it can be dangerous. It will overlook words like “there” and “their” that sound the same but have different meanings. It’s also important to proofread everything, so your application is devoid of grammar errors that spell-check will miss completely.

Neglecting to request recommendation letters

Make sure to allow for enough time to request letters of recommendation. Ask your teachers, employers, or mentors in plenty of time to write and send them.

Making typos

Typos can be visual to the eye and hard to miss. With the extra time granted by not waiting for the last minute, pay close attention to detail and make sure your application and other documents are flawless.

Not being unique

Make your application stand out above the competition. What makes you unique? Do something to grab the admissions board’s attention in your essays or other materials necessary to apply.

Trying to sound academic

A college application is a place to be your own person. Admissions staff do not look favorably on applicants trying too hard to go over the top and sound too academic. Be authentic and just be yourself.

Not editing and proofreading your work

Make sure your application is free of grammatical or spelling errors. Use the forementioned spell-check, but don’t fall into the trap that it can do everything as mistakes can still slip past it. Errors can be seen as unprofessionalism and the last thing you want is for the admissions board to get that impression.

Being dishonest

Dishonesty of any kind shines through and can cause you to stand out for all the wrong reasons. Even a seemingly minor bit of dishonesty can prove to be costly and damage your application.

Not following up

Once you have finished your application, make sure to keep up with the process, ensure you meet deadlines, and follow up to make sure all materials and information has been received.

By avoiding these common mistakes and following the advice given, you’ll be on the right track towards a successful college application submission.


Are there any other common mistakes to look out for when applying for college?

Yes, some other common mistakes to avoid when applying for college include not completing your application in its entirety, not researching the school to determine whether it is a good fit, and not asking for help from knowledgeable professionals.

How do I make sure my application stands out?

Make sure to showcase your unique traits and qualities in your application essays and other materials. Additionally, follow up with the university after submitting your application and demonstrate your continued interest.

Is there any way to ensure my application is free of typos and other errors?

Yes, it is important to take your time filling out your application and proofread multiple times. Additionally, get help from a trusted teacher, mentor, or family member to review and offer feedback.Check Here

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